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Mr. Justin Muller

Justin Muller has volunteered to chair the WASC process, has stepped in as the substitute ASB Director, is Assistant Coach to Varsity Boy's Basketball team, Freshmen Girl's Volleyball Coach, Link Crew Advisor, and World History PLC Lead. There is nothing he does not do. Great Job Justin, our "Teacher in the Spotlight"

Rita Rodarte-Meyers
College/Career Technician

Rita Rodarte-Myers works with every student on campus. Whether she is doing a presentation on FAFSA, a workshop on careers and college planning for sophomores, or hosting a presentation for four-year and two-year colleges, she is a resource of valuable information for students and parents alike. Ms. Rodarte gives six evening presentations to parents. She has over 400 prospective community college students in workshops on how to gain access to higher education. She meets daily with students to plan for their futures, whether it is the world of work, the armed services or athletes being considered for scholarships. Many of our seniors and athletes credit her with their admissions to the college of their choice because of the support she has provided. Recently she organized a Saturday conference for over 900 athletes. She was able to get Olympic medal winners, university professors, college coaches, professional athletic trainers, and former students to give their time to speak with our students. Not only did the students gain insight into being a college athlete, but they also learned about potential careers in athletics. A side benefit for the school was that Warren gained ADA from such a terrific turnout. The day was a great success. In recognition of her skills in organizing events for our students, in making information available to students and their parents, and in going that extra mile to make our students successful, Rita Rodarte-Myers is our "Staff Member in the Spotlight".

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